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Entrepreneurship after Retirement - Comfort Keepers Silicon Valley

Today’s seniors are shattering the age old concept that only young people are fit to become entrepreneurs. At present we are seeing many of our loved seniors are starting their own business startups after retirement. They are proving again and again what C.S. Lewis said 'You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.'

The Number of Senior Entrepreneurs Are Increasing
Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurship indicates that now the percentage of entrepreneurs aged among 55 to 64 has increased to 24 % whereas it was only 15% in 1997. So, this proves that gradually our senior loved ones are realizing the truth and coming forward with renewed zeal at life. Besides, Richard Sutch, economic historian at the University of California said that the self-employment rates for the male labor force rose with age, from virtually zero at age 16 to over 30 percent by age 70.

Motivation and Inspiration
What Comfort Keepers’ take at it is that, starting anything in life gives tremendous amount of motivational and inspirational boost to one’s life. And in senior years when we often struggle to cope up with the rapid changes both in terms of our physical and mental condition along with the lifestyle changes then doing something new with your life can render a lot of support. It will help to keep you going with as much enthusiasm and meaning as you were in your youth. Moreover, it will also give you some monetary boost.

Seniors Have an Advantage
There’s one special advantage that our senior loved ones get if they start their own business after retirement- the massive amount of experience they have gathered all through their lives along with the huge number of connections that they can summon. Besides, in today’s knowledge based economy our senior loved ones can impart immense support to the overall business sector with their grounded knowledge and experience.

Being Active
Comfort Keepers always encourages senior involvement and engagement in various social and communal activities along with their own care receiving processes through Interactive Caregiving approaches. In this line too entrepreneurship can be another brilliant idea to get engaged and active. The benefits of leading an active and engaged life in senior years are numerous.

Another Attempt at Realizing Lost Dreams
Taking up something new in our declining years gives us a unique opportunity of another attempt at realizing long sought after dreams. Often we have seen people sacrificing their dreams for social and family responsibilities and sticking to their jobs forgetting the dream of making something of their own. So, entrepreneurship in senior years can definitely be your last chance at realizing some lost dreams of life.  

Awakening the Creator within You
There’s a creator in each and every one of us who is unique in terms of things they were meant to create. But life and its cares often bars us from that creative force. But after retirement you are free and nothing can bar you anymore. So, pay heed to the one true calling that you have been ignoring all though your life and release your own creative beauty. Entrepreneurship is nothing more than creating and producing newer and more beneficial products and services.

There Are Courses for Senior Entrepreneurs
With the rising practice of starting new businesses in seniors, now there are many reputed colleges that are offering entrepreneurship and financial course to seniors. There are more than 1000 Small Business Development Centers in colleges and state economic development agencies that are offering free low-cost training and business consultancy to our senior loved ones.

So, till now, if you had even a glimmer of such thoughts in your mind of starting something of you own in your senior years then now you know that there is no more time to procrastinate. Start right away! You already know your calling; sketch out a plan, get some courses done and start working on you dream. Contact Comfort Keepers Silicon Valley for any kind of help and support on the way!

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