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Some Fun and Easy Exercises for Seniors

There’s no end of benefits that one can gain from doing regular physical exercises no matter in whatever age groups they belong to.

However, with age exercise options start to decrease but the importance of it increases proportionately. So, in this circumstances we from Comfort Keepers have come up with a list of fun and easy yet very effective ways of doing exercises for our loved seniors. By doing these according to their health and bodily conditions our loved seniors will be able to reap the benefits of physical exercise for a prolonged, healthy, happy and independent life.

Physical exercises are basically of four categories based on the purpose they are meant to fulfil. The categories are - Endurance, Strengthening, Flexibility and Balance.

Doing exercises from all the categories in a balanced manner according to your physical condition will take you a long way in leading a happy and healthy life. This will also help you to stay fit and avoid injuries, control blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems. It will also help you to control diabetes and body weight. Apart from physical benefits these fun, easy and simple exercises have a huge lot of psychological benefits too.

Here are the four categories of exercises described and exemplified for our loved seniors to follow and practice.


Endurance exercises are those that increases your stamina gradually by increasing your heart rate and strengthening your breaths. These exercises will make physical labor such as faster walking, rising uphill etc. easier for you. This will also help in performing your daily activities easily.


Strengthening exercises are those that strengthens your bones, muscles and joints; and increases your overall physical strength. This category of exercises includes- weights, tubes, resistance bands etc.


This type of exercise helps to increase the flexibility of your muscles and joints and facilitates easy movement of your physique. These often work as complementary to endurance and strengthening exercises.


Balance exercises are a must for seniors to prevent falls and other such injuries. Balance exercises aim at improving the overall balance of physical movements so that your day to day activities remain smooth as you age.
Now let us have a look at the fun and easy exercises themselves that would allow you to have all the benefits of all the four categories of exercises.

Fun and Easy Exercises


The first of the list can none other than the simple brisk walking. Walking is the easiest yet most effective physical fitter among all the physical exercise types. It fulfils the role of all the four categories of exercises.
It is easy to start and easy for seniors to continue even very late in life. Just be aware of using the right kind of shoes and do some stretching after each walk to avoid injuries to your muscles. Start with few minutes each day at first then gradually increase up to 30 to even 60 minutes, if your can manage.



Another great fun and easy exercise for seniors is swimming. Swimming strengthens the bones and muscles along with increasing your overall stamina. It also decreases stress and depression. It is a great exercise for women to avoid postmenopausal bone loss.

Along with swimming you can also incorporate water aerobics for increased strength, balance and a full body workout.


Yoga is an excellent system of working out that incorporates all the four categories of exercises. Through various poses and ‘asanas’ it stretches, strengthens and balances the full physique. Apart from the physical, yoga has a huge lot of metaphysical help to offer.

Seniors should begin with some easier poses for the beginners and then gradually move on to practice the harder ones.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is similar to yoga but different in postures and movements. It focuses on meditation and drives energy from slow pose to pose movement. Like yoga it also strengthens the body and increases the balance and flexibility.


Gardening can be a very fun way of getting your daily dose of physical exercises. Through various activities required to do gardening your body will have mostly all the necessary movements that is needed to strengthen your muscles and to make them flexible and balanced.

Simple Aerobics

Easy, simple and fun aerobics for seniors include dancing, water aerobics, chair aerobics, balancing on a ball and even walking and swimming. These along with some strengthening exercises is a proven way standing against falls. Besides, these also help in controlling the symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia.
So, here you have a complete list of easy and fun exercises for seniors to do for increased strength, balance, endurance and flexibility.

Start practicing these and have a healthy, happy and independent life as you age. For any additional help with senior care and healthy aging do not hesitate to contact Comfort Keepers Silicon Valley. 

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