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Enjoy with Seniors Even if It’s Raining Outside - Comfort Keepers Silicon Valley

 If it is summer and it is all very sunny and shining outside then it is alright and you can go outside any time for a stroll down the park or a long drive to a distant favorite location to chill! But what if it is raining outside and you can’t have your outdoors? Does that mean that all the fun is over? No, of course not! The fun must go on!

Here at from Comfort Keepers Senior Home Care Services we have come up with some very intriguing and fun activities that you can do with seniors, if you can not go outside for reason like rain or something similar. Because staying engaged and staying active is very crucial to senior wellbeing. Moreover, if your loved one is suffering from dementia, depression or other such mental and psychological issues then the importance of having such activities increases a lot.

Follow these interesting ideas from Comfort Keepers Senior Home Care Services to enjoy your day inside, if you have to. These will make your day just as cheerful and brighter like any other outdoor events.

Play Games
In rainy days when it is raining cats and dogs just put on your happy pants and start playing various indoor games with your seniors loved ones! Various board games can be a brilliant idea. Old school board games like monopoly, scrabble, chess, dominoes etc. all these may work just fine and can even work as a very good diversion from the usual. On the other hand you can also try playing some multiplayer video games with your loved ones. Comfort Keepers Senior Home Care Services caregivers always engage with our loved seniors in such playful manner through the Interactive Caregiving approach.

Become an Artist
What’s the harm after all if you end up just painting the whole canvas blue or red. Your are painting all the same. So, just bring on whatever you have in the house that you can use for your artistic endeavour today and start painting, sculpting, moulding, or even origami can be a great option. You may also try writing a sweat simple short story to read out to each other. All these artistic endeavours are bound to make you feel good and invigorated through allowing you to feel the bliss of the creation process itself. Comfort Keepers Silicon Valley Senior Home Care Services always encourage artistic involvements for our loved seniors.

Take a Glance at Your Library
Nothing can be more beneficial for the mind than to get lost in imagination with the help of a very good book. Books take us to faraway lands and even to fairy lands and allow us to experience stuff that otherwise we never could have experienced. So, if you are stuck inside in a rainy day with our loved seniors then take a glance at your library and start reading fun stuff with them. It will not only let you enjoy the time and to sync with each other but it will also enrich and energize the senior minds.

Have Some Meditative and Mindful Time
Okay, it’s raining outside and you can’t go out. But you can surely go inside into the vast ocean of your own consciousness any time. There’s no rain in their! And it is infinite! So, during being stuck indoors without any discernible activity for engagement and enjoyment, just dive deep into your being. Sit in a comfortable position. Even your comfortable rocking chair or sofa would just do great. Grab a cup of tea or coffee. Finish drinking while calming yourself down. And once you have finished your coffee just close your eyes and your are already there deep within the infinite ocean of your being! Comfort Keepers Silicon Valley always encourage mindfulness.

Movies and Youtube
You have done your meditation or just not in such a mood to have so solemn a time and you feel like having some light fun! Then having a quality movie time can be an awesome idea. Just pick one that would go with the mood of you and your loved ones and start enjoying with some light snacks around. You will see how time just flies away leaving you with quality memories. Apart from movies you can also try some quality documentaries, educative content or intriguing videos on YouTube.   

So, here you go! With these beautiful ideas from Comfort Keepers Silicon Valley Senior Home Care Services at your disposal you will never feel frustrated or out of fun being stuck indoor in a rainy day!

And for any concern or information regarding senior care and home health care support do not hesitate to contact Comfort Keepers Silicon Valley Senior Home Care Services.

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