Thursday, May 19, 2016

Latest Technologies from Comfort Keepers

Comfort Keepers have been giving quality senior care administrations for over 18 years now. World has changed considerably a lot this while and with time the caregiving scenario too has changed like the various divisions of our lives. Comfort Keepers Home Health Care San Jose is also evolving dependably and grasping improvement. They too have changed a great deal and have consolidated different more current and enhanced components into the caregiving forms. Mechanical advancements and developments are positive standouts amongst the most critical of such enhancements and changes.

With time technological innovation have greatly impacted all of human life on earth. It seems as if it has actually changed the actual substance of the earth. It has changed and enhanced Comfort Keepers’ method for giving care as well. Different technological components have been incorporated into the field of caregiving all through history. In any case, as of late Comfort Keepers have brought three noteworthy technological developments into their procedures that has improved caregiving and receiving techniques tremendously.
Have a look at these new developments below:

Family Room

A standout amongst the most agonizing issues we confront when our loved ones are in their declining years is relocating them from their homes. Home, where they have been living for so many years; where they have passed the most of their lives. Normally we ourselves would prefer not to disjoin them from their own natural surroundings at an age when they require emotional peace the most.

Be that as it may, with time we need to move to different spots. On the other hand regardless of the fact that even if we stay with them we can’t be with them all the time. More often than not we must be occupied with our work and they have to be in solitude in the house. You may utilize a caregiver for being with them and dealing with them, however and still after all that, you feel always stressed for not having the capacity to be with them to guarantee the full care and security. We at Comfort Keepers In-Home Care Cupertino can feel how you are feeling.

What’s more, to deal with this issue successfully, Comfort Keepers In-Home Care Cupertino has presented Family Room – a creative innovation to associate you and your entire family with your cherished seniors living alone at home with the caregivers.

Family room is a secured and well developed web platform that will associate you, your relatives, the caregivers and our office so that every one of us can cooperate for guaranteeing the best care to our cherished and regarded seniors.

Through Family Room you can sign into your account at whatever time, from anyplace and any gadget to screen what’s happening at home. You can always be in contact with the elderly and the Comfort Keepers to examine issues and share data. You can survey care logs, set timetable occasions, and watch out for the medicine plan. All these from a solitary stage; comfortable handhelds! Just with Comfort Keepers In-Home Silicon Valley.


Caregivers are Comfort Keepers. Hence, finding out the best caregivers for the seniors is the top most priority and the basic most need. A Comfort Keeper has to be calm and collected. They have to be devoted and passionate. Above all they have to be endowed with all the humane capacities that the task of caregiving essentially requires. So, finding out the best caregivers is not a simple task. To make the process of finding, screening and selecting Comfort Keepers easy and effective we have developed a new digital technique named the CareGuard.

To guarantee that the trust is never broken and you continue getting the ideal care humanly possible Comfort Keepers Home Health Care San Jose executes innovation apart from a firm and thorough enlisting technique and screening methods. CareGuard is one of them.

While selecting the caregivers for the interview we have to go through hundreds of resumes and call only the most fitting ones for the interview. During the interview and the screening process we look for integrity, compassion and reliability in the applicants and do a thorough background check on each one of them to find out the most trustworthy and capable ones.

Even this is not where we stop! After this rigorous interviewing and screening process we keep our caregivers under the supervision of CareGuard for a year!

What CareGuard does is keep guard on the Comfort Keepers for the whole year and looks for any discrepancies or deviation from the original message that we got from them while the interview.
Although rarely happens, if any such issues are detected, we instantly start working on resolving the problem through whatever means possible. We provide related counselling and training specific to the needs of the caregiver. This way you keep getting the best quality care from our Comfort Keepers

Home Safety Assessment

Another of the three new technological arrivals is the innovative Home Safety Assessment methodology that has been developed after thorough research driven data analysis. Home Safety Assessment is essential for keeping your homestead totally safe for the beloved seniors and to prevent accidents like Elderly above the age of 65 are always at risk of having sudden falls. Along with it, if other physical impairments like movement problems, eye sight issues, dizziness and heavy medication is involved then the chances of having a fall even doubles. In this situation you just don’t know what can lead to a dangerous accident and the next place you find your self is in the ICU. You definitely don’t want that to happen, do you?
What is more dangerous is that the elements or hazards that may lead to such incidents are very elusive. Even a mere fold of the carpet may easily lead to a fall and cause damage. So, you always have to be very careful about these issues. Our home safety assessment experts are trained in finding out these potential threats. Besides, they are equipped with the Home Safety Assessment methodology, which have been developed after thorough research on such incidents and causes.

After their review is complete our home safety experts will analyze all the rooms and corners of your home and will send you a detailed report on the safety measures including the images of the danger elements and treats that they have found. With this you will easily be able to take necessary measures to fix the issues. You may also take the help of our experts in eliminating the dangers that they have detected and make your home totally safe for our beloved seniors.

At this point we can surely hope that the coming days will bring many such developed and beneficial technologies that will make our lives even easier than it is now.
However, for now be satisfied with whatever we have and take a look at these awesome technologies from Comfort Keepers Home Health Care San Jose in details in the following videos:  

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