Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sense of Meaning Regained Through Interactive Caregiving

When you are young you have many things to look forward to. You have all the charms of life waiting to be enjoyed at your disposal. You are green and life too seems green!

But do you know how it feels to be aging and reaching the point when nothing else seems to be meaningful at all? When you seem to be dependent on others or on senior home care instead of being able to take care of your own? Where only a few months back you were the one who was taking care of all the others. Only those who are there can feel and know how it feels like. Others can only conjecture.
How to face the reality when all of life’s active moments may feel to have gone by and only viable option to look forward to seems to be the wait for the inevitable? How it may feel to be there? Staring blank towards the unknown. Waiting still to fall into the abyss- alone with no helping hands.

We look back at all that we have passed, all that we have achieved and all the people that have been in our lives. But, at times, all of it may seem not to matter at all. All of it may seem just a weird hallucination or just an illusion.

Our Comfort Keepers have seen and experienced a lot of these issues while providing senior care services, hence they know how it really is. They have been with so many of their beloved elderly seniors while providing elderly care services or in-home care services that they have gained a first-hand experience from the lives of our beloved seniors. They know those moments of waiting; they can feel how it is and how blank, bleak and tormenting it may become to sustain even for a moment longer.

Amidst such mental and emotional situation even the physical condition may deteriorate at a faster rate. Body may collapse faster than it should, if the mind is not happy and rejuvenated. So, what can be the solution? How do you propose to infuse meaning into those lives then? How do you propose to enliven that flower that has withered and dried away of life? How do you propose to infuse life into life?

We along with our all the experienced Comfort Keepers have been dealing with these issues for years now and our this humongous amount of experience at a point led us to the blessed approach to elderly care- the Interactive Caregiving. From then on we know that the only solution to this grave problem is this. It is only through such high level of ingenuous caregiving that the seniors can be kept young in mind with the joys of life intact in their day to day experiences. Thus the life rejuvenated again and the lost meaning regained.  

Interactive Caregiving offers solid interaction with life, clear contact with love and vivid display of the meaning in front. As a result life, body and mind enjoys the highest quality of their respective states.

Our Comfort Keepers involved in elderly care services work with seniors holding the interactive caregiving approach in their heart. They not only do and perform their caregiving duties, like cooking, cleaning, maintaining health and nutrition but also become an active communicator of strength, inspiration and motivation to their beloved seniors. They become a valued friend in the process. A friend who means a lot and in themselves a meaning enough to look forward to day in day out. And life no more remains bleak, depressed and tormenting. It becomes just as beautiful as those good old days were.  

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